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Furious Angels by Dreilex Furious Angels by Dreilex
Apparently, I couldn't get enough punishment out of finishing my half of the collaboration between me and *TatzelFreeman, so I decided to completely sketch, line, and paint a portrait of Andrei Venn! (He's a character from my upcoming comic. Quite a charmer, am I right?)

So this marks not only the first time I've actually shown off his design in public, but also the first time I've PAINTED something on a whim. (~zeronomon linked some Rob Dougan to me, I couldn't resist.)

Have fun waiting another couple of months for me to submit anything at all!

EDIT: Thanks for all your comments! I've been making little improvements here and there that make a major difference. Perspective, ugh.
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zeronomon Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
his coat is ninjas, automatic awesome
Dreilex Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
Angel-ninjas or whatever floats your boat. I probably didn't put enough effort into depicting the wings. 9__6
TatzelFreeman Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"Apparently, I couldn't get enough punishment out of finishing my half of the collaboration between me and TatzelFreeman, ..."


But on a serious note, this turned out pretty good. But man, that cloak. It's hard wrapping my mind around that, but it's a really great and unique idea. I like 'drastic' perspectives like that, I can understand that they are hard to pull off, but for me it feels like the head is a bit too big when compared to the shoulders, and when I try to look up like he does, I think the position would also be different (but ah it's hard to do this without a ref, I can only imagine this myself, so take this with a pinch of salt).
Another thing which strikes me, he looks a bit 'flat' on the legs and chest, like he got into a molding machine (for the lack of a better description, sorry 6_9).

But apart from that, it's really good. I especially like the shading on the cloak. The colors you picked go well with each other, and even when it's a rather limited palette, everything stands out nicely by itself.
I'm looking forward to hear the story behind him!
Dreilex Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
Yeah, strangely enough, I've felt a little more creative over the past few days than I have in a long time. I'm going to try to use this to my advantage to stop wasting so much time and actually draw some serious character concepts to submit.

Thanks for giving me your perspective on this! It's helped me fix plenty of errors and improve on my understanding of perspective. Every little bit of constructive criticism helps, I dearly appreciate it.
pianof Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
Wow nice! I imagine his saying less than serious things with that face and it cracks me up. The perspective on it is way cool, although his left arm looks a little long? Probably an arm wouldn't reach past his knees. The wrinkles are decidedly good, and I think the cloak is a rather nice touch. Is he the main character, or?

Yaaaay Drei~
Dreilex Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
GO GO EXTENDO-ARM. It's amazing how no matter how many times I looked over this, I never noticed. Thanks Piano! It's fixed now.

As for the story, he's definitely one of several 'major' characters. (As much as I can say without giving away spoilers, hah.) He's actually not nearly as serious as I make him out to be in this scene, but it's for dramatic effect.
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